Necessary Things In Specifying Custom Moulded Parts

08 Dec

Manufacturers would need a design drawing in order to produce a product with some moulded parts in them. Specifications will be shown on the design that will enable the production of the custom moulded rubber products and parts. A specification drawing will show the elements and patterns of the design just like the architectural blueprints. Therefore, the design specification drawing is what these manufacturers of silicone moulding would look at so that they will have an idea on what the moulded silicone parts would look like once done. Features of the design, such as the size, shape, colour, thickness, material and pliability, are shown on the specification drawing.

Silicone moulding manufacturers are supplied with design specifications through computerized programs. There are several software that help the product engineer to create two dimensional and three dimensional drawings ,a and then these drawings are saved in electronic files. With the use of compression moulding or liquid silicone injection steps, a manufacturer of the parts can convert the digital mechanical designs into a real life custom rubber parts, after reading this electronic file format.

An example of parts is the design of military rubber keypads, of which the dimensions are described and laid out on the specification drawing, and these specifications are the height, width and thickness of the design of the parts. Through the specification drawing, the description of the required material, colour, printing process like ink color, are shown. All requirements when manufacturing military rubber keypads are specified to ensure production of all parts are uniform and within tolerance. Know more about rubbers at

The assistance from the rubber moulding engineers of a manufacturer could help new designers of products like custom keypad technology. To serve as guide, these engineers can provide a set of standards and design suggestions. If you are new to designing products involving keypad technology, know that a key pitch dimension of 0.080 and a key and bezel clearance of 0.012 are recommended. When the mechanical design specifications are followed, a quality custom keypad can be manufactured. Note that the distance from the edge of the keypad's matte to a key's diaphragm has also specific considerations.

The game controller fix manufacturer has also to know the other important information and this involves the requirements in the use of coatings. The moulded silicone parts, depending on their intended use, are to be coated with abrasion resistant, chemical resistant or conductive coatings. With these coatings, the parts will be given extra protection from the environment. Further importance of the coatings would be that it improves the performance of the parts plus making them last longer. Rubber military keypads will be given protection especially in rugged conditions. 

The manufacturing of these moulds can then be done by the manufacturer when all the necessary information are supplied. Get keypad fix today!

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